Series of works The Cities and the Skies depicts the facades of skyscrapers as the monotonous walls, endless rows of windows, where there are no people visible, only an organized system. Paintings from this series are the result of consideration of the role of work in human life. The glass walls of the office buildings reflect the sky, enclose them in an architectural frame, systematize and create divisions that do not exist in the natural space.

Paintings about Speed

Series of works Paintings about speed are being painted slowly concerning problem of speed of the modern life, regarding to Marc Auge’s theory of non-places. Highways are spaces that one can only pass by, without any possibility to stop and therefore experiencing the place. Because of velocity, space is getting more and more abstract and becomes impossible to read.

Dutch Still Lifes

Paintings regarding to tradition of still lifes and their contemporary evolution. Referring to strict connection between art and money, which is present nowadays and also in art history.


Series of paintings about humanity living in the frame of system. It is a reflection about what is happening when a person loses its individuality and becomes only a part of a crowd.